Whoa! 10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Business on Social Media

Having social media accounts for your business is critical in this digital age. But are you getting the most out of them? Social media marketing works best when people are engaging with your business. Here are our top 10 no-sweat tips to get more engagement for your business on social media.

1. Use attention-grabbing headlines. Why did you decide to read this article? It probably had something to do with the headline. Headlines that start with an exclamation, or “How to…” or “# Ways to…” or that ask a question that your customers might ask themselves tend to get the clicks you’re looking for.

2. Use images, animated gifs, and memes. Posts with visuals perform better, period. Memes and gifs can also bring humor into the mix and increase the chance that your audience will share your content.

3. Create and share videos. Over 100 million hours of videos are watched on social media every day. Get your piece of the pie!

4. Don’t only post your own content. Curate and share content made by others that you think your followers will enjoy. That way, with less work, you get more content and your audience gets added value.

5. Post more often. Making frequent posts boosts your organic growth.

6. Share an excellent piece of content more than once. That’s right: it’s okay to post the same material multiple times if you vary the accompanying message, and it can get you up to 31.5 times the number of click-throughs as posting once.

7. Use hashtags. They can double your #engagement rate!

8. Tag people and businesses you quote or reference. When you tag someone, like a guest blogger, they usually respond or repost, getting you more exposure.

9. Optimize your posting times. Schedule your social media messages to post at peak times to increase your reach.

10. Recycle your evergreen content. Some content doesn’t have an expiration date. If it’s timeless, share it again later!

We know that as a business owner, you’re busy. If you don’t have time to beef up your social media marketing, we can help! Contact us today for more information.


Is Your Content Not Performing? Here’s 5 Things That Could Be the Problem


Content marketing has gotten bigger than ever, but not every contractor business is reaping the benefits. When looking at their targeted marketing metrics, many are finding that their content marketing efforts fail to make the needle move.

According to a recent survey, 89% of B2C companies and 93% of B2B companies say that in 2017 their content marketing campaigns performed better or the same as in 2016. Yet, there are still 4% of B2C businesses and 2% of B2B businesses that say their content is performing worse.

So what can these organizations do to improve? They can start by considering the following five common mistakes below, which can cripple your content marketing performance and stand in the way of building audiences who can become business leads.

You Aren’t Choosing Topics That Have Value

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Too many content teams choose shallow, uninteresting or overtly sales-y topics for their blogs and other content. While these types of topics seem like they may help fulfill keyword-focused SEO goals and marketing objectives, they usually just get ignored.

Even worse, people may learn to distrust a brand or a business that consistently overpromotes. 53% of people have ad blockers installed for a reason, so any blog that feels just like an ad will get tuned out.

To create more interesting topics, let keywords be your guide. Use them to take a guess at the intent of what the search user was trying to accomplish by typing those words in.

Someone typing “family law attorney,” for instance, may be searching for answers on a situation that isn’t even close to going to court yet. Instead, they may want to know about specific legal outcomes or how the process works for certain cases.

You can get better at predicting intent by looking at things like Google’s related keywords at the bottom of the search results page. You can also look to see what topics are being brought up on open forums like Reddit, comments sections or industry-specific forums. Also, be an active reader within your industry and take note of topics that are currently trending.

Using these techniques and looking to your own data for engagement performance can help you determine what topics audiences go for and which ones they avoid.

Your Headlines Are a Mess

In many ways, the headline is the most important part of a piece of content. It’s the cover people judge the book by, so to speak. In our current outspoken era, people may even sound off their opinion or share an article based on the headline alone.

There are a few things that help headlines sell:

    • Topic Keyword Signals that trigger interest — E.g. someone frustrated with ad reach may perk up the instant they see a blog title that mentions “Ad Blocking”
    • Clarity — A.K.A., does the reader understand – clearly understand – what the article will be about? Each headline is a promise
    • Action Verbs — Try to eliminate linking verbs like “is” or “will,” and try and substitute strong action verbs or gerunds near the front of the headline instead. Not “According to Recent Study, Brand X Is Gaining on Brand Y” but “Brand X Pummeling Brand Y, Says Study”
    • Length — Blog headlines should be concise and clear, but that doesn’t mean they have to be short. eMarketer data shows that blogs with headlines 90-99 characters long outperform shorter ones.
    • Relevance with Article — Tricking someone into clicking on your article with deceptive “clickbait” headlines improves your views and CTR, but it hurts your goals. Always balance appeal with accuracy.

There are other quirks to headline writing that help you get clicks without making readers feel deceived. BuzzSumo has some great data on top performing headlines for B2C companies as well as B2B companies. Looking at B2B, for instance, helpful phrases like “How to…” and “___ Ways…” perform best, while the promise of emotions like “…will make you…” drives B2C clicks.

You Aren’t Writing in a Way That Engages Your Audience

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You don’t have to have Pulitzer-winning talent to get people to read your blogs; you just have to have an organized structure that’s easy to follow and a voice that sounds friendly. Try to write in a conversational tone while still being clear and providing valuable information with each sentence.

If you think someone may get lost on your blog, split up your sentences and have each one communicate a single thought. Have each thought logically flow into the next, building up each point one-by-one.

Denser topics may require formatting elements like additional sub-topic headers or a bulleted list. An illustration also tends to help.

If you need help improving beyond that, look to your competitors or hire a content writing expert for stylistic feedback. Everyone gets better over time, but you also have to recognize what makes certain writing engage more effectively.

You may also need to outsource your writing to more-experienced and knowledgeable professionals in order to get the quality your audience wants. You can always commission a test blog in order to gauge how much other writers can boost your performance.

Your Content Isn’t Focused on Specific Goals

60% of B2C companies don’t have a documented content marketing strategy, which means their team may have several competing ideas on what their content is supposed to do. Without an aligned strategy and target metrics everyone can agree upon, your content writing will be aimless rather than effective.

Consider that just 2% of the worst-performing B2B content marketers rate the alignment of the metrics they use to track performance and their overall marketing goals as “very good,” reports the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). On the other hand, over half of the best performing companies say that their metrics and goals are well-aligned.

To get content to fulfill your marketing goals, you have to focus on the conversion step you want audiences to take after reading. For instance, if you want to create more leads, then you will need to create free, highly valuable content that entices readers to submit their information to learn more.

Or, if your goal is to earn shares or other forms of engagement, you may have to embrace more topics that people have strong opinions on or ones that elicit strong emotional responses.

Always have a few focused, well-defined goals for your content, know what key performance indicators (KPIs) best represent accomplishing those goals, and create content suited to the purpose of improving KPIs over time.

You Aren’t Promoting Content Enough

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Content marketing success requires not just a budget for content creation but also for promotion. Put simply, the more money you put into promoting your content, the bigger returns you can get from each asset.

That phenomenon is likely why companies that put a bigger budget behind their content find greater returns. According to a 2018 CMI survey, the average top-performing B2C company allocated 38% of their overall marketing budget to content, and top-performing B2B companies allocated an average of 40%. On the flip side, the least-successful B2B companies spent just 14%.

The key to successful promotion is to identify your target audiences and use ad-building tools to find them, specifically. Social media ads, for instance, allow you to serve “Promoted” ad posts within user news feeds to highly targeted audiences. You can even experiment by serving ads to two audience groups to test which one offers the best performance.

Over time, you can not only get more views for your content but get views from targeted people you want to become leads.

You Need Help From a Professional Content Marketing Agency

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Content marketing is complex and hard to master. Those with deep experience and more available tools stand a better chance of getting it right.

Working with a professional writing team that’s part of a content marketing agency could bring the improvements to quality, strategy, targeting and promotion that you need to meet your goals. So, if nothing else is working, consider partnering with someone who has a proven track record of content marketing success.


Is Your Content Not Performing? Here’s 5 Things That Could Be the Problem originally published by Contractor Media

12 Ways to Promote Your Business in 140 Characters or Less

Over 2 billion people in the world are connected through social media, with 20% of the world’s internet users having an active Twitter account.

Twitter is a great platform to boost your business. We at Contractor Media are equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you reach your customers through Twitter.

Here are 12 ways to get started in promoting your business on Twitter today!

1. Implement Twitter Cards
You want every tweet to be unique and attractive, Twitter cards are a great way to do this!

2. Build Your Twitter Followers
If your Twitter followers are engaged and well targeted, increasing their number can benefit your business.

3. Identify Influencers and Engage with Them
When you engage with influencers — you’re creating the opportunity to gain more followers, more engagement, and more traffic to your website.

4. Use Twitter Lists to Manage Your Contacts
As you follow and connect with higher numbers of people, you need to organize them by categories.

5. Use Twitter Ads to Grow Your Email List
Use Twitter ads for lead generation by directing them to sign-up to your email list.

6. Use the Right Hashtags
Be careful with the hashtags you choose. It may seem that cramming as many as possible is the way to go, but studies show that posts with 1 – 2 hashtags have higher engagement than those with 3 or more.

7. Research Your Competitors’ Audiences
Find out who your competitors are interacting with.

8. Monitor Twitter for Keyword Mentions
Use tools that let users set up search columns so any mention of a particular word or phrase is immediately highlighted.

9. Setup UTM Tracking
UTM tracking adds additional info to links you share in order to track where people clicked on them and what happened after they clicked.

10. Use Your Pinned Tweet
Twitter allows you to pin one tweet at the top of your timeline. When anybody looks at their profile, they see that tweet first.

11. Use Great Headlines
Create clever headlines that stand out.

12. Use Twitter Analytics to Analyze and Optimize
Twitter Analytics let you see how many views and how much engagement your tweets get.

Want to learn more? Let us help you optimize your Twitter!

Optimize Your Ads To Grab Attention and Raise CTR

When you are running ads on Facebook, AdWords, or LinkedIn your copy needs to be able to stand out among all of the competition that is surrounding it.

We at Contractor Media want to help you make your ads grab your target’s attention and get you as many clicks as possible!

Here are a few of the tactics that we use to increase click through rates:

Offer Promotions and Incentives in the Headline

Grab attention right away by showing the potential customer exactly what you are offering them. Set yourself apart from the start by showing that your business is the best value.

Use Deadlines for Your Offers

Create a sense of urgency for your targets by showing that they have a limited amount of time to click on your page and take part in that offer. Using AdWords you can even set up a countdown within your ad, which will motivate your potential customer to click so that they don’t miss out!

Include Keywords in your Ad Copy

It makes your ad look more relevant to the viewer at a glance and it also gives you another line of valuable text in your ad copy.

Use Emotional Triggers

Connect with your potential customers on an emotional level, don’t just throw out technical jargon about what your business does. Say something personal about what your business can offer that will connect to them on an emotional level.

Use a Call To Action

Make your viewer curious about what you are offering with a call to action. Asking them to click to “find out more…” or “To learn more about this offer…” will force their mind to wonder what more you are offering and will make clicking on your ad more enticing.

If you need any help with reviewing your ads and making them as successful as possible, please visit us at https://contractor.media/5days

Are you using Facebook to promote your business?

A Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner revealed that Facebook is the most popular channel used by 94% of the survey respondents.

Twitter follows with 68%, LinkedIn at 56%, and Instagram at 54%.

72% of B2C marketers project an increased Facebook usage more than their B2B counterparts at 63%.

Are you actively promoting your business on Facebook?